Today is my daughter’s birthday…Happy Birthday Savannah!

As you may know, I work with moms and teenage (or tween-age) daughters. Savannah is 23, so she doesn’t qualify, but it wasn’t that long ago when she was a teen! We have such a rich and beautiful relationship and I just want to create this short post to encourage you that if you are struggling in your relationship with your daughter, just know that Breakthrough Is Possible! I truly thank Spirit everyday for my beautiful rich friendship I enjoy with both of my daughters (you too Claire!) and give special thanks for Savannah today on her day.

This photo was from our trip to Tahoe a couple weeks ago.

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About the Author Catherine

Catherine Cooley is a mediator and a communication coach. She has worked in environments of extreme conflict including prisons, the court system and local communities teaching what she calls "Breakthrough Conversations." She specializes in helping people foster clear, respectful, warm, cooperative relationships at home and in the workplace.

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