​Why​ ​​i​conic founder of Integral Alignment says, "Evolve or die..."

Michael Stern says...

"After graduating from Vanderbilt University, my pursuit of diverse world-views and cultural immersion led me toteach English in Spainpractice kickboxing in Thailand, and study Buddhism in Nepal.

"My travels convinced me that we are all on a journey of becoming who we are meant to be, individually, and collectively, and I committed my life to the study and practice of cultivating human potential.

"Upon returning to NYC, I became certified as a Hatha Yoga instructor and completed one year of professional training as an Integral Spiritual Mentor.

"In 2012 I co-founded Integral Alignment as a platform to host thought-leaders and spiritual teachers from around the world, and build a community dedicated to exploring and embodying the next stage of human development.

"I also founded and facilitated the NYC chapter of WePractice, a community of practitioners exploring Collective Wisdom and relationship as a path of healing and awakening.

"My interest in organizational development and social innovation eventually led to a role as Performance Coach and Engagement Manager for 1 change, a consulting firm delivering holistic leadership development programs to high-performing senior executives and key talents in global corporations.

"Now, as a coach and facilitator, I serve as a guide in the view and practice of Conscious Evolution, an integrative path to deeper meaning and purpose, presence and passion, freedom and wholeness.

"I find joy in stillness and movement, cooking and eating, drumming and dancing, traveling and nature, mixed martial arts, and the utterly transformative journey of fatherhood.

"Born and raised in New York City, I currently live in Maine with my partner, Erin, and our magical daughter, Isla."

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About the Author Catherine

Catherine Cooley is a mediator and a communication coach. She has worked in environments of extreme conflict including prisons, the court system and local communities teaching what she calls "Breakthrough Conversations." She specializes in helping people foster clear, respectful, warm, cooperative relationships at home and in the workplace.

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