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Peace Parlor Interview With Elaine Gale

"Living In My Heart In Every Way..."

​The following is from Elaine Gale's website for her soon-to-be Off Broadway show, One Good Egg: "Elaine Gale is a California-based writer, performer, storyteller, humorist, fourth-generation educator, speaker, journalist ( and Nebraskan who loves artists, writers, community, humor, play, possibility, healing, border collies, and exploration. She is an Associate Professor in the department of Communication Studies and Journalism at California State University, Sacramento, and has been the Writing Center Director for Antioch University’s PhD Program in Leadership and Change for the past 12 years. She is also an adjunct professor in the Communication Department at Santa Barbara City College. Elaine is a former religion reporter for the Los Angeles Times and was an advice columnist and pop culture reporter for the Star Tribune in Minneapolis. She has published work in literary journals including Under the Gum Tree and The Manifest-Station and has been a freelance writer for many national magazines including Entertainment Weekly, W, Variety, Stuff Magazine, Cosmopolitan, and Good Housekeeping—despite the irony. She holds a doctorate in Human Communication from University of Denver, an MFA in Creative Writing from Antioch University, Los Angeles, and a BA in English and Religion from Boston University. Elaine’s mission is to create possibility, freedom and happiness in people’s lives by encouraging and amplifying their authentic creative expression—both on the page and on the stage. She is passionate about building community, empowering others, our shared humanity, unconventionality, joy, and all creative self-expression."

Peace Parlor Interview With Jon Reason

The Art of Being Unreasonable

Jon Reason is a technology executive with extensive experience creating and building start up companies from conception into a market leader. As a community contributor, philanthropist and conscious citizen, Jon is extremely passionate about inspiring and helping people to be their best and bring out their vision and personal dreams so as to create a finer world in which all of us may live.

He is passionate about creating environments where people are encouraged to treat others with compassion and integrity.

One of his axioms is 'think globally, act locally'. He feels that this attitude becomes positively infectious through the edification of an individual which will then activate their 'divine gift'.

Jon feels creating this kind of action creates a synergy that not only helps inspire the individual to be their finest but also to help heal our world.

In business, this philosophy has proven to minimize employee turn over, liabilities while increasing productivity and creativity exponentially. Through his leadership, management and marketing strategies, Jon has been able to lead companies to success while delivering clients with the highest quality service and products based upon integrity. 

Peace Parlor Interview With Michael Stern

​Why​ ​​i​conic founder of Integral Alignment says, "Evolve or die..."

Michael Stern says...

"After graduating from Vanderbilt University, my pursuit of diverse world-views and cultural immersion led me toteach English in Spainpractice kickboxing in Thailand, and study Buddhism in Nepal.

"My travels convinced me that we are all on a journey of becoming who we are meant to be, individually, and collectively, and I committed my life to the study and practice of cultivating human potential.

"Upon returning to NYC, I became certified as a Hatha Yoga instructor and completed one year of professional training as an Integral Spiritual Mentor.

"In 2012 I co-founded Integral Alignment as a platform to host thought-leaders and spiritual teachers from around the world, and build a community dedicated to exploring and embodying the next stage of human development.

"I also founded and facilitated the NYC chapter of WePractice, a community of practitioners exploring Collective Wisdom and relationship as a path of healing and awakening.

"My interest in organizational development and social innovation eventually led to a role as Performance Coach and Engagement Manager for 1 change, a consulting firm delivering holistic leadership development programs to high-performing senior executives and key talents in global corporations.

"Now, as a coach and facilitator, I serve as a guide in the view and practice of Conscious Evolution, an integrative path to deeper meaning and purpose, presence and passion, freedom and wholeness.

"I find joy in stillness and movement, cooking and eating, drumming and dancing, traveling and nature, mixed martial arts, and the utterly transformative journey of fatherhood.

"Born and raised in New York City, I currently live in Maine with my partner, Erin, and our magical daughter, Isla."

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Peace Parlor Interview With Joe Provisor

The Man Who Taught Circle to Thousands of LA School Kids

Joe is the  co-founder of Circle Ways (2017), Council In Schools (2005), and the Palms Council Project (1992).  A public school teacher for 24 years and educator trainer for Los Angeles Unified School District  for seven years,  Joe is also a licensed Marriage and Family Therapist and an elder of The Ojai Foundation. He has practiced circle ways in the classroom since 1986 and has been a Council Trainer for The Ojai Foundation since 1994, providing trainings for educators, therapists, and business people nationally and internationally. He is the author of stories, training curricula, lesson plans on circle ways in schools, and the forthcoming book Teaching and Learning in Circles.

Peace Parlor Interview With Lisa Gates

Business Women: Fast Forward Your Ability to Negotiate! 

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This week on the Peace Parlor, we have a powerful advocate for women in the workplace. Are you underpaid? Talk to her. She'll show you how to get every penny you're worth and gratitude from your boss that you've chosen to work there. Need respect? She can show you how to win respect and step into your power. Need to make a business deal and swim with the sharks? She does that too.

Here's a recent example client story.

After coaching with Lisa for a brief time, Michaela stepped into her boss’s office.

An engineer and product designer, she’d been killing it. Over delivering. She had great relationships, but she felt a bit invisible. And she definitely wasn’t getting what she was worth. Armed with a plan, new-found skills and confidence, Michaela told the story of how her strategy and influence strengths generated both innovation and profit. She asked for a promotion and a 31% increase in salary to factor in both her wage gap and the future goals she was about to accomplish.

She walked out with more than she asked for, a new title and role, and blue sky all around.

This week, we're grateful to have LinkedIn powerhouse and co-founder of She Negotiates, Lisa Gates. She and her business partner Victoria Pynchon have been frequent contributors to The Daily Muse, Forbes and LinkedIn, and the work of She Negotiates has been featured on NPR, CNN, New York Times, Wall Street Journal, Glamour, Real Simple, and many others.

Lisa is a thought leader for women and negotiation on the LinkedIn platform, where she is a favorite blogger with a big following. She was a teacher at which is now owned by LinkedIn. Her courses on / LinkedIn include: 

  • Asking for a Raise
  • Negotiation Fundamentals
  • Resolving Conflict
  • Coaching and Developing Employees, and 
  • Coaching for Results 

Check out the video replay above and Fast Forward Your Ability to Negotiate...


Peace Parlor Interview With Zemo Trevathan

This week on the Peace Parlor, we have Chief Rabble Rouser Zemo Trevathan of Zemo Trevathan & Associates. Zemo is a management change consultant. We caught up with Zemo in an espresso bar in New York City for this Peace Parlor interview. 

Our conversation ranged over Zemo's extensive career and gave a number of interesting insights into what he has learned working with top executives in some of the largest companies in the world. One of Zemo's contributions to business communications is what he calls the Four Conversations. Here's how it works. 

Conversation #1:  Before you even start talking, you need to reach agreement about what are we going to do and what are you going to call it? What are you needing out of this, what do I need? You get clear on expectations. These expectations, Zemo says, can cause mischief unless they are accurately translated to into shared agreements. That's what the first conversation is about. 

Conversation #2: This is just plain connection. What we do 95% of time when we're talking to other people. Build rapport. Build caring. Build trust. Day to day being in touch, maintaining info flow and empathy that are the lifeblood of the relationship. 

Conversation #3: Next, it's time to address the gaps and potential gaps. It's important to hold this conversation in the spirit of learning and working together to fix whatever breakdowns we might encounter. These "gaps" are usually addressed by person with power to say what to do. If your first two conversations have been fruitful and connecting, it's easy to gauge the impact of tending the gaps. The sooner in real time the gap is addressed the better. Again, this is not about assigning blame, but is undertaken for discovery. As gaps come to light, it will become necessary to circle back to Conversation #1, to make new agreements. 

Conversation #4: This is the review. Relevant questions include how are we doing? What’s working, what’s not? An assessment based on the previous conversations and our ability to transform gaps into new agreements.  

Click below to see the entire interview.

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Peace Parlor Interview With Camille Leon

​I'm interviewing Camille Leon, founder of Holistic Chamber of Commerce. LIVE, Thursday Feb 8 at 12noon. Register here. She's grown her homespun Chamber of Commerce to 52 offices in 13 states, 3 provinces, 2 countries. How did she do it? Here's what she says...

"My drive and determination earned me the nickname "Hurricane Camille."  I was successful at what I did and kept myself constantly working.  When I wasn’t at work, I was out doing public speaking. It slowly dawned on me that I was not healthy, physically or otherwise. I was so caught up in a high-stress environment that I didn’t even realize how stressed out I was. 

"So, I found a way to health and happiness through holistic and natural products and services.  Then, I found other people like me. People who had adopted a holistic lifestyle and who wanted to share what they had found with others.

"Our core cause and community here at The Holistic Chamber of Commerce is connecting people to you, as a holistic professional, practitioner, business owner or resource provider and to the products, services and solutions you provide. It is also helping you find the support you need. We are different from a "conventional" chamber of commerce because we are holistic first and commercial second. We are here to support each other and you, as well as the communities and world we live in. Together, we can collaborate to achieve our goal of healthier people on a happier planet!"

​The entire Peace Parlor interview is included below.

Peace Parlor Interview With Elisabeth Donati

Elisabeth is a money coach, just about to set out on a world tour. She's achieved her dream of traveling without financial worries, and Catherine will discover how her success ties in with what she knows about relationship.