Discover a simple, reliable system
for emotionally safe conflict
and relationship repair.  

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Create new agreements.

Gain cooperation & respect.

Hi, I'm Catherine Cooley...

I invented Breakthrough Conversations—a unique blend of NVC (Nonviolent Communication), Mediation and Council Circle—to give you a way to resolve emotional conflicts with grace and ease.

After 20 years of raising two beautiful daughters, training in NVC with Marshall Rosenberg, mediating in Superior Court, volunteering in the Alternatives to Violence Project in our prisons, leading couples circles, building community using Sacred Council Circle, starting two businesses and thriving in 25 years of marriage, it became clear to me that families and business teams need a reliable, simple way to resolve conflict quickly and painlessly without sacrificing clarity, integrity and truth.

That's why I coach Breakthrough Conversation Mastery—to give you the road map and the power to transform negative emotions and destructive behavior into honest, heartfelt self expression and supportive, respectful and joyful relationships in all areas of your life.

Are you in a stressful relationship right now? 

  • Do the same issues keep coming up? 
  • Are you angry because you're not getting respect and kindness? 
  • Are you exhausted and tired from trying things that just don't work?

Click the button below to schedule a complimentary 50-minute Breakthrough Conversation with me.

In this one-on-one, live video session, we will: 

  • Create clarity about what you want your relationship(s) to look like and feel like. 
  • Discover some of the career and life changing benefits that come through mastering the basics of Empathic Communication.
  • Learn the #1 biggest thing stopping you from having the quality of conversations you want. (Almost everything you want in life begins in your conversations :)
  • Complete the session with the excitement of knowing exactly what to do next to create respectful, caring, authentic and empathic connection in your relationships at work and at home. 

You can also reach me by phone:

(415) 418-7241

Or by email:

cc (at) Peaceabl (dot) com

What is your #1 Biggest Relationship Issue?

Trouble at Home with Your Spouse or Partner?

The Couples Blueprint provides quick help for relationship conversations. This free guide can actually mean the difference between your primary life relationship succeeding or failing. In as little as 10 minutes, you and your spouse (or partner) can get your relationship on the mend. 

Click to download your free Couples Breakthrough Conversation Blueprint.

Trouble at Work with Your Business Team?

The Business Teams Blueprint quick relief for business teams, partners or individual employee issues. In as little as 10 minutes, three conversations can get you back on track with any social relationship at work that's gone awry.

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